Where is my Birchbox?

Looking for your Birchbox?

UK Subscribers:

  1. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for your tracking information to load. You can find your tracking info under My Birchbox and Order History in your Birchbox account. This information will also be available in your dispatch email. 
  2. Sometimes the courier will update tracking information prematurely. If it's been 3 working days or more since your package was incorrectly marked delivered, please drop us a line and we will be happy to help!

Irish Subscribers/Some UK Customers:

  1. Received a dispatch email and no tracking in your Account? This may mean we have had to ship your Birchbox with Anpost (Ireland) or Royal Mail (UK) - please allow a full 10 working days for Irish deliveries or 3-5 working days for delivery in the UK.

Finally check:

Is your billing information up to date? We may not have been able to bill you this month. Please check your account to be sure – and your emails. We will have sent you an email if this is the case!

Send us a message for further assistance if these conditions don't apply to you, or if you'd like us to look into your shipment further – we are always happy to help! 


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