What is Pick your Sample/Box Design?

Pick Your Sample is the added option for our subscribers to have a little more control over their Birchboxes – each month you will receive an email to choose between two samples in the following month's box.

We will always announce when Pick your Sample/Box design is available on our social channels also. To pick, simply click through your email that typically is sent out in the final week of the month. Once you have reached your Sample/Box Choice page, select your choice, and you are all set! Please ensure you are using the email address associated with your active Birchbox subscription when making your selection otherwise this will not be validated. 

You will also receive an email shortly after making your selection to confirm your choice has been logged.

If you have not received your pick email, please ensure you check your spam folders and that you are signed up to receive email updates from Birchbox UK.

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