I received a Gift Subscription! What now?

Welcome to Birchbox! You should have received a Welcome email to let you everything about your Gift Subscription, this will have also included your Gift Code.

Firstly, you will need to redeem your Gift Subscription onto your very own Birchbox Account. Head over to our Redeem a Gift page here.

Enter your Gift Code and submit, this will prompt you to create an account with us and fill in your Beauty Profile (this is where you can tell us a little more about you.

After your Gift Subscription has been redeemed and the first box has been received you'll be on our regular subscription shipping cycle. We aim to ship in the first week of every month and you will be notified once your box is on it's way! 

We hope that once your Gift Subscription ends you still want to remain a part of the Birchbox family! Once your gift subscription has ended, you will have the opportunity to continue monthly deliveries by purchasing a personal subscription. Simply log into your Birchbox account and click "Subscribe" .This will allow you to choose an auto-renewing monthly, 6 month or yearly payment plan.

Still in need of help? Please send us a message at here.
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