How does it work?

A Birchbox Gift Subscription allows you to ship one Birchbox per month filled with 5 beauty treats, to your Gift recipient for the duration of your selected subscription.
You can purchase a 3, 6, or 12-month Gift Subscription here as a one-time purchase. This will not automatically renew once complete. Therefore no further billings will be placed. You will be billed once at the time of purchase.
When purchasing, you can select the below options to suit you:
- The date the first box is shipped from our warehouse (please note this is NOT the date that the gift will be received) boxes will be received in 3-5 working days from the date selected.
- The date your recipient receives their welcome email 
- To ship the first box to yourself to give in person or for all boxes to be shipped directly to the recipient
Your recipient’s first Gift Subscription Box - the Welcome Box - will be shipped via Courier to arrive in 3-5 working days after leaving our warehouse. The Welcome Box is an introduction to our service, containing best-selling, universal items that will work for any customer. 
The welcome email will inform your recipient they’ve received a Gift Subscription, give them a little information about Birchbox, prompt them to set up their own account and redeem their Gift Subscription. They will then complete their Beauty Profile to tell us a little more about them and we shall use this for all future boxes.
Please note with Gift Subscriptions pick your sample is not available with the first box and any promotion found in The Birchbox Shop or Subscribe pages are not valid.
Still in need of help? Please send us a message at here.
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