How do I write a review for a product I did not receive in my Birchbox?

Full-size products in The Birchbox Shop may be reviewed at any time, regardless of whether you've sampled or purchased them through Birchbox. Terms and Conditions are linked her.

To write a review, visit the product detail page for the item you wish to review. Then:

  1. Select the 'Write a Review' link or button and log into your Birchbox account.
  2. Rate the item out of 5, leave a comment of 20 words or more and give your review a title.
  3. Enter a nickname for your public profile.
  4. Submit your review.

Once submitted, it may take up to 72 hours to become available on Birchbox. Approved reviews are published along with profile information, such as hair colour and skin type, if you have chosen to share your profile. Content can be rejected for being irrelevant, offensive, promotional in nature, inclusive of links or otherwise inappropriate for publication. If a review is overly focused on the sample instead of the product attributes that may be rejected as well.

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