Do I still get points for reviewing my box and the products in it?

In April, you will still be able to earn points by reviewing your April box and beauty treats. Then from Wednesday, 3rd May onwards, you will instead receive a voucher for free delivery on your next order in The Birchbox Shop if you complete all of your surveys. We’ve taken into account your feedback on surveys and the new ones will be shorter, so they’ll take less time to complete.

We appreciate that under our previous loyalty scheme you would have earned points to spend in our shop when you filled in your surveys. However, we wanted to offer a more generous  range of benefits to customers via our new loyalty programme.

We now offer an unlimited 10% discount on this month’s sampled products where you previously just received free delivery on these items. By completing your surveys you’ll still have the opportunity to enjoy free delivery but it’s now available on all products in the shop – rather than just those in this month’s box. There’s no minimum spend requirement and you can even combine it with the 10% discount on the products in this month’s box (or 15% if you’ve been a subscriber for more than 6 months). Plus, unlike points, you don’t have to wait until you have enough to use it. You can use the free shipping voucher as soon as you receive it via email.

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