How did Birchbox decide what to offer as Birchbox Benefits?

Our subscribers make us who we are. We appreciate your loyalty and your feedback shapes the ways that we continually work to improve the Birchbox experience and our future boxes. So we think it’s important to say thank you in a small way in return. This is why we’ve created Birchbox Benefits. We want to make it easier (and better value) for you to buy the products you try in your monthly box and fall in love with.

In February 2017 we sent all of our subscribers a survey asking about all the things they liked and disliked about our existing loyalty scheme. We also asked them about a range of potential new benefits to gauge what they would most like to have. We’ve tried to give our customers as many of the things that they would like, while maintaining the sustainability of our business.

We recently announced that we have over 100,000 subscribers in the UK. We appreciate that everyone is different and some benefits are more attractive to some people than others. Based on what our customers have told us, we expect more people to like what we offer now more than what we offered previously.

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